Board of Director

Glenn Yarborough

Gordon Thomas
Vice President

Bonnie Weston

Joann Berkson

Sam Agarwal
Cecilia Closs
Mary Anne Hampton
Carole Herrick
Jessica Kohlenberger
Jim Loveless

Carole Herrick
Liaison, MCC Governing Board

Members of the Board of Directors are elected from the Friends membership. All Directors serve two-year terms and terms are staggered. Up to five Directors are elected by the membership at each annual meeting. One Director is appointed by the Governing Board of the McLean Community Center for a one-year term.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Friends Board, please contact us

The Annual Meeting is held on the 2nd Monday in June. The Board does not meet in July or in August. All meetings are open to the public; you are cordially invited to attend. To confirm a meeting or receive a link to attend, please email